The Creation of the First Grain Bank by the Balkh Women

The Creation of the First Grain Bank by the Balkh Women

The local women of Kohna Zawot village, Balkh district of Balkh province have been able to create a Grain Bank within their community under the Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD/CCNPP) for the first time.


After the village women identified both affluent and impoverished families in the community in close cooperation with their Community Development Council (CDC) members, they decided to create a Grain Bank that could support the vulnerable families residing within the community.


Miss Gulalai, a hardworking lady has put a lot of effort into gathering a large number of women who could manage to establish the Grain Bank in Balkh district for the first time.                                   


“Our village women didn’t know how to help each other in the past. Fortunately, once the Citizens’ Charter Program covered our community, it has fully raised our awareness and encouraged empathy among villagers. The MRRD/CCNPP taught us to understand or feel what our vulnerable families are experiencing and how to assist them by creating a Grain Bank in the community”, said Miss Gulalai.  


Miss Noor Begam who has been appointed as the Granin Bank Keeper by the village women says she is always looking after it as her own property. She emphasizes that she will continue to conduct campaigns on a regular basis in order to collect more food and non-food items so that she could distribute them to needy and indigent families in the community.