National Rural Access Program



National rural access program is a big and key program of Islamic republic of Afghanistan, National Emergency Employment Program (NEEP) was launched in 2002, aiming to increase access to rural infrastructure for local communities and to provide employment opportunities for rural labors. As a result of a joint assessment of NEEP conducted by the World Bank, ILO and the government of Afghanistan in early 2005, the program was reviewed and restructured to make a smooth transition to more development-centred assistance in Afghanistan. To mark the beginning of a new phase, NEEP was renamed the “National Rural Access Program NRAP)” with a more strategic focus on the provision of a rural road access network that will connect households and communities to essential services and markets.
NRAP is a joint national priority program that is executed by Ministry of Public works (MoPW) and the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation & Development (MRRD)and also ministry of finance chairing the steering committee of the program.

  • establish a quality rural road network that connects all villages to basic rural infrastructures and services, such as markets, health care and schools and connecting the agricultural farm to markets, 
  • Provide increased employment opportunities through using labor intensive methods and a private sector-led approach for all works.
  • Enhance the capacity of communities and the private sector to manage, deliver and maintain public transportation facilities through on-the-job capacity development.

NRAP/MRRD is providing year-round access for basic services and facilities in the rural areas of Afghanistan through tertiary road improvement between villages to villages & villages to districts.
Since the establishment of the program(2002) NRAP-MRRD is proud  the construction, reconstruction and development   of our country to counternutation, and plays an important role in the construction ,rehabilitation and maintenance of rural roads in the country .
NRAP has completed 19 national projects so far, which each of those projects included dozens of sub-projects such is the construction of roads, bridges and structures.
These activities have been implemented in all provinces of the country.
Currently this program has two projects Afghanistan Rural Access Project (ARAP) which funded by through World Bank and other project that funded by the government development budget (MOF).

National Rural Access Program Strategy 

NRAP is an inter-ministerial program which implemented by MRRD & MoPW also ministry of finance chairing the steering committee of the program.
The ministry of rural rehabilitation and development strategy on the failed of construction of rural infrastructure, specially the transport sector follows by the executive section of NRAP at MRRD.
This program has setup its activities in construction sector, maintenance and restoration of transportation infrastructure based on the rural roads network planning system and focusses on the quality, transparency and efficiency at implementation of projects through private construction companies and community development councils.
Things like job creative, building capacity, of construction companies and adaptive institutions and awareness to increase the level of knowledge of the councils about the projects are also the strategic points of the program.

National Rural Access Program Achievements

  1. Construction and reconstruction of 6,300 k=KM of roads.
  2. Construction of 193 number of bridge, reaches 6,200 RM.
  3. Construction of 260,000 RM of roads and bridges structures.
  4. Routine maintenance of 3,600 KM of roads.
  5. Periodic maintenance of 1,500 KM of roads.
  6. Snow repairing of 2,100 KM of roads.

National Rural Access Program Administration Development Achievements:

  1. Arrangement of roads classification system.
  2. Arrangement of roads marking and naming system.
  3. Creating office information system.
  4. Creating of management information system.
  5. Creating of network planning system.
  6. Arrangement of designing manual for rural roads.
  7. Arrangement of projects financial manual.
  8. Arrangement of project contract management manual. 
  9. Arrangement of project ESMF. 

It should be noted that the NRAP-MRRD has professional specialists. the human capacity of the program in the areas of professional technical engineers, has feature technical capacity of the country.