Handing over of a 540 meters protective wall construction project in Kuner

Tue, May 19 2020 9:36 PM

The construction work of 540 meters protective wall project completed and handed over through the Regional Programs coordination Office of MRRD in Beal village of Norgull district of Kuner province.

During the implementation of the mentioned project 1110 lobar days were created and after it's accomplishment , 1038 villagers have been benefitted from the  facilities.

It's worth to be stated that by the mentioned wall , many agricultural lands have been protected from the flood risks.

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Tue, Sep 22 2020 2:42 PM
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Commencement and completion of two development projects worth 96.7 million Afghanis in Kunar

The construction process of 2.14 km boulder wall project, worth 37 million Afghanis has been completed in Nurgul district of Kunar province the Regional Programs Coordination Office of. . .

Tue, Sep 22 2020 2:34 PM
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Handing over of a water supply network construction project worth 4.6 million AFN in Balkh province

a water supply network construction project costing 4.6 million AFN has been recently completed and handed over by the National Water Supply and Sanitation Program of Ministry of Rural. . .

Tue, Sep 22 2020 2:19 PM
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Construction of an irrigation Karez project costing two million AFN begun in Zabul province

with the total cost of two million AFN, an irrigation Karez construction project has been recently started by the Regional Programs Coordination Office of Ministry of Rural. . .