A solar-powered irrigation system handed over in Khost province

Sun, Jun 16 2019 2:44 PM

The National Rural Water Supply, Sanitation and Irrigation Program (Ru-WatSIP) of Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) constructed and handed over a solar-powered irrigation system, aimed at watering the trees of Matun Recreational Park which is located in Matun area in Center of Khost province,
This solar-operated water supply project included digging of a 73-meters deep well, laying out of 2,000-meter long pipe network, construction of a 60,000-cubic meters reservoir and installation of 16 taps, 27 solar panels and pump. The project cost four million AFN which were funded through the State budget by Ministry of Finance (MoF),
With the completion of this project, irrigation water was provided for 7,000 pine trees and many rural families have gotten access to drinking water.

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Sun, Oct 20 2019 2:13 PM
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Signing the contract of 8 development projects worth of 53 million AFNs in Kapisa province

The contract for implementation of 8 development projects was signed between the head of Kapisa Rural Rehabilitation and Development Department and related social development council. . .

Sun, Oct 20 2019 2:11 PM
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Handing over of one Kareaz project in Khust province

At a cost of AFNs 12.6 million the implementation work of one kareaz project completed and handed over through the Regional Program of the Rural Rehabilitation and Development Ministry. . .

Sat, Oct 19 2019 11:25 AM
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Handing over of one transportation project worth of 88,5 AFNs in Ghor province

The construction and graveling work of 22 kilometers road, 116 car way small bridges and construction of 1037 meters protective wall completed and handed over through the Regional. . .