REQUEST FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST (REoI) For Selection and Employment of Consultant (Firm) for auditing of PIBBED Project (small Assignment)


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Selection and Employment of Consultant (Firm) for auditing of PIBBED Project (small Assignment)

 (Reference # MRRD/WEERDP/PIBBED/CS-1)


Country:          Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Ministry:          Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation & Development (MRRD)

Project:            Women Economic Empowerment Rural Development Program / PIBBED

Duration of Assignment: 14 Working Days

Grant #:           PIBBED/SDF

Issue Date:        21th July, 2019

Closing Date:   28th July, 2019

Duty Station:   MRRD/Kabul

  1. General Introduction:

The PIBBED project proposes a bamboo based integrated development model by creating opportunities across harvesting to production and then marketing. The development model is based on the identification of key stakeholders and their key challenges across the value chain. The creation of sustainable high value economic opportunities will directly improve the quality of life for farmers, artisans, micro and small enterprises, designers, traders and exporters.

  1. Relevance of the Assignment with the Program:  
    1. Bamboo is being rediscovered by mankind in the age of the information revolution, environmental consciousness and space exploration. As a potential renewable resource and an inexhaustible raw material if properly managed, bamboo could transform the way we think about and use man-made objects to improve the quality of life in our villages, towns and cities. In many economically deprived countries bamboo could provide the answer to the distressing problems of employment and income generation. It also holds the promise of the spawning of a host of new sector that are ecologically responsible while providing manufactured products for end user.
    2. Annual audit report is one requirement for SAARC Development Fund projects. Fund disbursement and NOL on the further implementation is depended to preparation of external audit report. An external assignment is required that will bring in place consultancy services of expert firms; resulting in audit of PIBBED 2018 implementation which is much required for donor reporting.  
  1. Overall Objective of the Assignment:

The overall objectives of this assignment is to audit PIBBED for the year 2018 on financial and procurement.

  1. Specific Objectives of the Assignment:

The objectives of the consultancy services for utilizing services of an expert agency for assignment are stated below (but not limited to):

    1. Financial audit of 2018 expenditure that will not cross 40 bills or payments
    2. Statement of progress in the project
    3. Preparation of audit report
  1. Specific Scope of the Assignment:

MRRD expects an expert agency to audit PIBBED project for reporting purpose to donor. The specific scopes of the assignment are (but not limited to):

    1. Statement of financial position
    2. Statement of comprehensive income
    3. Statement of receipt and payment
    4. Notes to the financial statement
    5. Background and legal status
    6. Basic of preparation
    7. Fixed asset
    8. Cash and cash equivalent (in hand, in bank)
    9. Fund utilization statement
    10. Fixed asset acquisition fund
    11. Grant received statement from SAARC Development Fund
    12. Human resource and staff cost .
  1. Required Qualification and Experiences:

The Consulting Firm would need to place a resident team of experts and required staff at Kabul to deliver expected services and exclusively work on PIBBED assignment. Staff from consulting firm would be required to work in close coordination finance department of MRRD.

The consulting firm should have following qualifications and experiences:

    1. The consulting firm should have minimum three (3) years of program/projects experiences in auditing or any other similar project.
    2. The consulting firm should have minimum one (1) year expertise in auditing similar assignments
    3. The consultant shall demonstrate having sound financial situation and capacity.
  1. EOI needs to include the following elements:
    1. A cover letter expressing interest in the services and briefly stating which package is being applied for. (Maximum 1 page).
    2. Consultant's overall profile (Maximum 1 pages).
    3. Consultant's overall organizational structure and profile of key/leading staff (Maximum 1 pages).
    4. List experience of the firm/firms submitting the EoI in a tabular form including country, client and donor, project title, project reference number, project value, # of international staff months, # of national staff months, project period, and brief description of consultant's role in the project. List only the most important and relevant ones in Afghanistan.
    5. Information on Manpower with qualifications, technical and professional competence necessary for successful implementation of the assignment (no need to provide CVs)
    6. Contact details of the firm or all the firms forming part of the joint venture. (Maximum 1 page)
    7. Submit financial audit report or the annual turnover of the last 2 years
    8. Copies of verifiable of similar nature contracts with certificates and full address and contact information of the employer.
  1. Method of Selection: 

The Consultant will be selected in accordance with the Selection Based on Consultant’s Qualification (CQS) method set out in the Afghanistan Public Procurement law.

  1. Submission of EOI:  

Expressions of interest must be delivered in a written form to the address below (in person, or by e-mail) by 28th July, 2019 4:00 PM. (Kabul Local Time).

Address of Focal Persons for Enquires and Submission of EoIs:

Attn: Rohullah Momand Procurement Officer, Women Economic Empowerment Rural Development Program, Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD), Afghanistan Tashkilat Street, Darul Aman Road, Kabul, Afghanistan

E-mail to: copy to ,;      

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