CDC Promotes Education

CDC Promotes Education

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Established by the Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD/CCNPP), the Dehmard Hussain Community Development Council (CDC) in Khulm district of Balkh province has shown great initiative in providing tens of villagers with elementary learning opportunities. Considering their weak economic condition, most of the residents in this village are deprived of education as they cannot afford to pay the tuition fee and expenditures. As an act of humanity and sign of sympathy, Miss  Parween 27 the Deputy Head of Dehmard Hussain CDC has constructed a classroom equipped with all primary education needs such as books, notebooks, blackboard, pens, etc. at her own expenses. 

“Most of our villagers are poor and are unable to pay their education expenses. Taking certain facts into account, I decided to construct a classroom equipped with essential needs including books, notebooks, pens and blackboard in an attempt to educate my village girls and women at my own expenses with the help of awareness programs conducted by the Citizens’ Charter to us,” said Miss Parween.

According to Miss Parween, 10 out of 40 village girls that regularly learned in this course had an opportunity to get enrolled in the school. She said that the village girls and women are now keenly studying in the course inside their community.