Signing the contracts of 35 development projects

Sun, Oct 06 2019 11:34 AM

The Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) singed worth of AFNs 342 million, the contracts with the social development councils and some private companies for implementation of 35 development projects in nine provinces of the country.

At the conference which was on this held on this occasion, H.E Mujib Rahman Karimi the Minister of MRRD said :” these projects cost more than AFNs 342 million and will be implemented in Badghiz , Balkh , Khust, Kuner , Laghman, Nangarhar , Paktia and Parwan provinces .”

According to the Minister of MRRD these projects include the construction of protective walls (gabion and boulder), solar pumps, irrigation Canals, Sarband and rural roads which connects the villages to markets.

H.E Karimi also added that in 32 projects, 10 percent is share of the local people, so they can feel more ownership and responsibility for these projects.

Six of these projects will be funded   by Italy and one by India, and six projects, including the Solar Water Pump System, are intended for Kochis.

It is worth to be stated that by the implementation of the mentioned projects, 83580 lobar days will be created and 76000 villagers will be benefited.

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