Water provision for 124 families in Kunar province

Tue, Sep 15 2020 2:54 PM
په کونړ کې د ۲.۳ میلیونه افغانیو په ارزښت ۱۲۴ کورنیو ته د څښاک پاکې اوبه برابرې شوې.

By the construction of a water supply network costing 2.3 million AFN funded by the National Water Supply and Sanitation Program of MRRD in Kuz Kandahary village located in Darah peach district of Kunar province,124 families have gotten access to clean drinking water.

The mentioned network has 18 water taps and one reservoir with 72 cubic meters capacity and during its construction 2254 working days were created.

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