Electricity in a box project success story 2 of a woman Mrs Sajida in Nawnyaz of Charasyab district village


Statement Description:

Nawniyaz Village of Charasyab District is located in 15 KM from Kabul city. The population living in Nawniyaz is 540 persons. The villager’s experiences various kinds of deprivations such as lack of education, recreation, and public awareness.

Ms. Sajida is a widow woman living in Nawniyaz Village. She is responsible for her family entire utilities.

Sajida said: I have five children. My income sources are tailoring and selling my livestock products. In summer due to hot weather the milk, butter and other products were easily exhausted, so I was selling it in low price also due to darkness I was not able to sew at night.

“Now that ASERD/MRRD and ADB distributed electricity in a box (solar panel with high quality to us (, I feel immense changes in my life.  Now for having refrigerator our foods and livestock products are fresh and save for long time. I cook dinner without any problems at night. My children are aware and happy by watching TV programs. One of my child is Handicapped and we were in problem with him. He became bored by being lonely in home, but now he is busy with watching TV.   not only my family, but also all the Nawniyaz residents feel great  happiness for having solar kits. I request MRRD and ADB to continue provision of electricity in a box to other rural families so that they can also get benefits from these kits. “Sajida said.