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Thu, Dec 03 2020 10:23 AM

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Years of Experience:

Five years’ experience in related. 

Employment Type:

Full Time

Contract Duration:

Till end the year with possibility of extension.


As per NTA Salary Scale



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At lease Bachelor degree of university in Civil Engineering or any other related field.

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Close date:

17, December, 2020


The Regional Programs (RP) was established in the MRRD compound in 2007 as one of the largest rural support program in terms of scope and coverage area, working across the county. The demand for rural development motivated the program management to operate in several sectors that created a stage for diversified activities, whereas all other national programs of the ministry are engaged in their specific sectors. In addition, the Program responds to expressed needs of the rural people, who require various basic services (community based infrastructures) which no other single rural development program has addressed so far. The program development efforts are focused on helping the poor in dealing with many of the risks they face in their lives  – such as unemployment, low house hold income, low agriculture production, poor irrigation systems, lack of accessibility to market, lack of education and health facilities, lack community based disaster risk reduction infrastructures and insufficient potable water.

Under the portfolio of the Regional Programs the Arghandab Integrated Water Resources Development Project (AIWDP) funded by Asian Development Bank (ADB) will improve the availability and use of water resources for irrigated agriculture in the Arghandab River Basin and the Kandahar region. The project comprises 5 outputs: (i) Dahla dam capacity increased; (ii) reliability of irrigation water supply increased; (iii) climate resilient and productive irrigation technologies and practices introduced; (iv) post-farm value chains developed; and (v) capacity in water resource management and use strengthened. AIWDP is a joint project between Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD), Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAIL) and Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW). MRRD will contribute to outputs 1 and 2

Job Description:

Key responsibilities

The main duties and responsibilities of Survey and Design Engineer will be but not limited to the following:

Design of irrigation and road and bridge infrastructure subprojects precisely and correctly/providing designed projects soft copy (CAD+PDF) and making good filing system
Design of complex and large-scale projects of irrigation (water storage dam, Weir, Lengthy canal, water storage, Siphon, Aqueduct, divider, road, bridge, etc)
Design of Earthen, Rockfill, Mass Concrete and other Gravity Dams
Providing GIS maps for rout selection, determining irrigation commanded area and calculation of required flow discharge as per the commanded area.
Design of large scale and different kinds of irrigation canals (Mass Concrete, RCC, PCC, Earthen) by Engineering updated and latest version soft-wares
Design of different kinds of road (Rigid pavement, Flexible Pavement, gravelling and Earther) by Civil 3D soft-ware
Providing hydraulics and structural design reports and attaching with designed drawings
Providing detailed and applicable technical specifications for designed projects
Providing detailed designed drawings as per hydraulic and structural designed report
Providing standard detailed designed drawings as per hydraulic and structural calculations, and provide required and applicable technical specifications for irrigation and road and bridge projects
Design of infrastructure projects as per required and relevant engineering soft-wares (Civil 3D, GIS and Auto CAD)
Selecting of proper, economical and applicable projects types for design
Design of irrigation and road and bridge projects based on sustainability, economical consideration and cost effective
coordination with related engineers
Have ability to survey (irrigation, road and bridge projects precisely and correctly/providing plotting as a soft copy
Providing conducted surveys standard and required drawings, and providing required technical data and information for designers/close technical coordination with related Survey, Design and Estimation Engineers
Utilizing Total Station Instrument during conducting technical survey
Collecting of precise technical, social, economic, and traffic surveys data and filing the required forms/providing materials rates correctly as per approved mechanism 
Achieving targeted monthly plan for projects plotting/make sure that the prepared plot is correct and ready for design
Check/review with full responsibility of prepared plot/have ability to proof from survey, plot and other documents
Monitoring from ongoing irritation and road and bridge projects and providing technical reports
Having close technical coordination with HQ-Engineering office during technical survey, design and projects implementation
Any other duties and responsibilities which are assigned by line supervisor/ head of engineering

Job Requirements:

Qualifications /Experience, Skills and Abilities:

At lease Bachelor degree of university in Civil Engineering or any other related field.
Five years’ experience in related or similar engineering field
At least three years of specific experience in subprojects design especially in irrigation and road and bridge
Good and practical experience in related engineering soft-wares (Civil-3D, GIS and Auto CAD)
Have ability to survey and design of medium and large-scale irrigation and road and bridge projects
Have ability to provide required GIS maps for required technical information
Good and practical experience in survey of irrigation and road and bridge projects by Total Station Instrument
Have ability to survey and design of projects and short and limited time
Good experience in MS Office especially excel program
Engages interest and participation of others and has a collaborative approach to working with others
Proactively contributes to the team
Actively committed to team development
Shows moral courage, openness and honesty in all dealings
Good communication skills with the ability to form and maintain good relationships internally and externally
Good interpersonal, negotiation and influencing skills
Strong technical mindset and able to read and interpret technical data and translate to others
Knowledge of estimating techniques
Results orientated and organized with the ability to deliver against deadlines
Strong attention to detail and accuracy skills
Ideally experienced in the use of spreadsheets, estimating pricing models and cost management tools


Travel Requirements

Knowledge of and the ability to travel throughout the subproject location areas is vital to accomplishing the duties for the position. Candidates must be able to travel to all proposed subproject areas.

Reporting Relationship: Provincial Manager/Head of Zone.


Submission Guideline:

Interested applications electronically through
While submitting your applications please mention the Title of the position plus Vacancy Number in the subject of the e-mail; please do NOT submit any other supporting documentation or educational certificates with your application. If you are short listed, you will be asked to submit electronic Afghans with the required qualifications and experience should submit their copies of your educational certificates and if you are invited to written test you will be required to present the original certificates. Applications will not be accepted after the closing date of the position. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for written test Note: In the interests of open and fair competition and a merit based selection process applicants are advised that lobbying for a position , whether by the applicant or by any person acting on his or her behalf, shall result in the immediate disqualification of the candidate from further consideration. Applicants are strongly advised to inform potential supporters of this restriction which shall be strictly enforced.

Please don’t forget to type the Vacancy Announcement Number (1692/020/HRCSD/AIWRDP/RPCO/MRRD) in Subject while applying online. Application without vacancy number will not be accepted.


Submission Email:


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