Contribution to Social Growth

Contribution to Social Growth

Kegil village, located six kilometers above the main road in the undulating foothills of the Wama district in Nuristan province had no connection point with the district market or the main road in the past. There was only a narrow, dangerous pathway used by both animals e.g. horses, mules, donkeys, etc. and humans when they wanted to walk back and forth to the district center. Around 74 families are residing in Kegil village. Considering this community’s geographical location and natural resources available in the region, most of the residents over here are involved in livestock and farming activities to meet their needs of life.

After the Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD/CCNPP) extended its coverage to this community, the villagers came together and established an independent Community Development Council (CDC) through democratic and transparent election process. Once formed, the CDC members have held several meetings and discussed the priority needs of the community. Considering the community access to employment opportunities, social benefits, healthcare and education services, the local CDC in consultation with the villagers gave top priority to the construction of a much-needed road attempting to link the community with the heart of the district center.

Upon completion and submission of the Community Development Plan (CDP) by the CDC, the Citizens’ Charter successfully managed to build a 3.5 km road, elevating from the base of the mountain range to an upland hilly area, at a sum of AFN 5,347,747 funded by the MRRD/CCNPP including 10% community contribution (financial, labor or in-kind).

Malik Momen, a villager said: “We had a lot of problems prior to the construction of the road as the vehicles couldn’t move over this hilly terrain. Our men, women and children had to go down the village and climb up the hills upon return for hours with the loads and packs on their heads and backs in an attempt to provide food items and other necessary groceries to their families.”

“Taking the location of our village into account, we were not able to take the pregnant women for delivery to the health clinics, located either in the district center or in Paron the center of Nuristan due to lack of road in the area. More and more! One day, I decided to come down the village to buy food supplies in the market, located in the district center. Unfortunately, I slipped and fell on the rocks and developed a serious injury breaking my hand, backbone and a leg. When I was taken to the hospital, I was put on bed rest at home for almost eight months. On one occasion, my wife has also fallen down on the ground while trekking through the mountains and injured herself seriously. Praise Be to Allah and thanks to Citizens Charter – we are now traveling back and forth quite easily by vehicles. We will feel even better if the road constructed for us gets wider and longer, added Mr. Momen.

Taking the employment generation and economic recovery into consideration, a total of 15,120 labor days have been created for both skilled and unskilled local laborers during the Kegil road project implementation.