Electricity in a box project success story of a woman in Nawniaz Village


Statement Description:

Nawniyaz village is located in Charasyab district, 15 Km from Kabul city. The economic condition of the local residents is extremely destitute and as a result they don’t have access to the basic necessities.

It is our firm believe that electricity is the major factor in promoting the awareness through media in the local community.  But unfortunately in this modern era of the 21stcentury the residents of the said village had no access to the electricity and they were bound to live their lives without new technology and use LPG gas and kerosene oil for lighting purpose in their homes.

In the near past with the help of Asian Development Bank (ADB), Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) distributed solar home system in Nawniyaz village.

Ms. Latifa Wahabzada Gender Associate of ASERD/MRRD visited the village and interviewed a beneficiary woman named Akhtar bi bi.

Akhtar bibi: - I am the mother of eight (8) children and my husband died few years back. Before the distribution of solar home system by MRRD with the help of ADB our lives were full of obstacles.  For lighting purpose we were using LPG gas and kerosene oil in old traditional equipment’s, which were not only expensive but also very harmful for eyes and respiratory system of human being as well. Similarly, the kids were not welling to attend the toilet at night due to fear, studying at night or schoolwork was another problem for them. We did not get any information or awareness about local and international news and current affairs. What we got from livestock like dairy products the preservation was also a big challenge for us and often rotted in the summer.

Now by having electricity packages (solar home systems) our life is totally changed and created ease, I work in the kitchen very easy, me and my children are happy and we would like to thank MRRD & ADB for making our dark lives brighter through solar home system.