Water Supply Design Engineer

Tue, Feb 11 2020 10:52 AM

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Years of Experience:

Five years’ experience in related

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Full Time

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One year


As per NTA Salary Scale



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Bachelor degree in Civil or Hydraulic Engineering

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Close date:

25, February, 2020


The Regional Programs Coordination Office (RPCO) was established in the MRRD compound in 2007 as one of the largest rural support programs in terms of scope and coverage area, working across the county. The demand for rural development motivated the program management to operate in several sectors that created a stage for diversified activities, whereas all other national programs of the ministry are engaged in their specific sectors. In addition, the Program responds to expressed needs of the rural people, who require various basic services (community-based infrastructures) which no other single rural development program has addressed so far. The program development efforts are focused on helping the poor in dealing with many of the risks they face in their lives  – such as unemployment, low house hold income, low agriculture production, poor irrigation systems, lack of accessibility to market, lack of education and health facilities, lack community based disaster risk reduction infrastructures and insufficient potable water.

Under the portfolio of the Regional Programs Coordination Office, a MoU is signed between Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) and Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) in October 2018 to implement the project in seven provinces (Kabul, Parwan, Logar, Baghlan, Balkh, Nangahar and Herat) in 4 Sectors (flood affected and rainfall harvesting structures, roads for community access, drainage and sanitation, and water supply) till December 2020. This project is financed by International Fund for Agriculture and Development (IFAD).  

Job Description:

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Water Supply Design Engineer will be part of HQ Engineering team/water supply unit, and he/she will work under supervising of Head of Engineering.

The main duties and responsibilities of the Water Supply Design Engineer will be but not limited to the following:

Design complex, medium and large-scale water supply projects with different types (gravity, loop and combined)
Design solar water pump for drinking water supply and as well as for irrigation system
Preparing design and construction specifications for water supply projects (gravity and pressure line, distribution network, wells, pumping station, reservoirs and other hydro-technical structures)
Preparing design, specifications and estimation of Solar Pump System for water supply networks
Providing detailed list of pipes and fittings for all kinds of water supply networks projects
Providing design calculations and drawings for water reservoirs like RCC all types tanks (overhead, surface and underground), stone masonry reservoirs, power house, spring chambers, cable bridging, trench, pump station, solar panel and boundary wall of powerhouse.
Guide technical survey team for selecting potential site for water supply project and haw to conducted précised and corrected technical survey on the site.
Assist and cooperation with estimation team for correct estimation and costing of designed project.
Providing required and necessary technical specifications for pipe, fittings, construction materials and construction activities.
Design of small-scale irrigation structures (Canal, protection wall, weir, supper passage, etc)
Providing detailed designed drawings for all water supply projects
Conducting technical mission to field for technical support and technical problem solution in case of need.
Conducting preconstruction survey (checking designed drawings with site before implementation) for large and complex water supply projects.
Ontime respond to all technical issues associated to water supply projects and which come from field during project implementation.
Providing required technical information to procurements departments, head of engineering and directory of program
Assist and cooperation with site engineers and quality control engineers for quality implementation of project
Providing maintenance plan for water supply projects for further operational and maintenance of the completed projects
Updating and upgrading of water supply technical documents and technical guideline
Any other duties and responsibilities which are assigned by head of engineering or directory of program.     

Job Requirements:

Qualifications /Experience, Skills and Abilities:

Bachelor degree in Civil or Hydraulic Engineering with Five years’ experience in related or similar engineering field
At least three years specific and professional experience in water supply network design
Previous experience in complex and large-scale water supply network design
Have ability to design water supply storage tanks (overhead, surface and underground)
Have ability to provide required designed drawings for all water supply structures
Full knowledge and familiarity with all kinds of pipe and fittings
Have ability to design solar water pump for water supply network as well as for irrigation system
Have ability to provide technical guidelines and technical specifications for the projects
Have experience in other hydraulic structures design especially in irrigation system.
Have ability to train field engineers in water supply project technical survey, design and implementation
Familiarity with WHO and other reputed organizations’ water supply norms and standards
Strong and practical experience in related engineering software’s (Auto CAD, EPANET, Water GEMS, GIS Arc Map, GPS, Civil 3D and Map source
Have ability to design all types’ water supply projects in specific and limited time.
Familiarity with MS Office (Work, Excel, Power Point) and outlook

Reporting Line

The Irrigation Design Engineer will report to Zone Manager/Deputy Director/Director


Submission Guideline:

Interested Afghans with the required qualifications and experience should submit their applications electronically through vacancies.hrcsd@mrrd.gov.af
While submitting your applications please mention the Title of the position plus Vacancy Number in the subject of the e-mail; please do NOT submit any other supporting documentation or educational certificates with your application. If you are short listed you will be asked to submit electronic copies of your educational certificates and if you are invited to written test you will be required to present the original certificates. Applications will not be accepted after the closing date of the position. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for written test Note: In the interests of open and fair competition and a merit based selection process applicants are advised that lobbying for a position , whether by the applicant or by any person acting on his or her behalf, shall result in the immediate disqualification of the candidate from further consideration. Applicants are strongly advised to inform potential supporters of this restriction which shall be strictly enforced.


Please don’t forget to type the Vacancy Announcement Number (1432/020/HRCSD/IFAD/RPCO/MRRD) in Subject while applying online. Application without vacancy number will not be accepted.


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