Work progress of 120 meters protective wall construction project costing 1.7 million AFN in Laghman province

Wed, Sep 16 2020 11:05 AM
په لغمان کې ۱.۷ میلیونه افغانیو په لګښت د ۱۲۰ متره محافظوي دیوال د جوړیدو کار روان دی

Construction of 120 meters protective wall worth 1.7 million AFN has been 70% completed by the Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program of Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (CCNPP/MRRD) in Maeen Qalha village located in Metarllam district of Laghman province.

During the implementation of this project, 1345 working days have been created for technical and non-technical workers and with its completion, 340 hectares of agricultural land will be protected from the dangers of floods.

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