Engineering Service Directorate (ESD)

Engineering Service Directorate (ESD) Background:















Engineering service directorate (ESD) is the only professional collective in MRRD which provides technical services such as technical survey, design and estimation for all suburban and remote areas in all over provinces of Afghanistan to relief and develop the households and the communities through construction, rehabilitation and renovation of infrastructures.

ESD struggles to have the best further execution, performance and rapid output to obtain the main goals of development. In this regard (ESD) manages through the following technical and executive departments:

  1. Administration
    1. Executive
    2. Archive
  2. Technical Survey
  3. Irrigation, Hydro technical Structures and Micro Hydro Power (MHP)
  4. Road and Bridges (With all related sub structures design)
  5. Building (Architectural, Structural, Water supply and Electrical Design)
  6. Estimation
  1. Estimation and cost
  2. Delivering  process of building

All the above mentioned duties and responsibilities are carried out by expert and specialist engineers in all professional fields.

AlsoTechnical board of ministry accomplishes the evaluation of all the technical documentsof ministry under supervision of (ESD) beside the above mentioned departments.