Regional Programs Coordination Office (RPCO) was established in 2007 as a platform for increasing demand for rural development of various diversified activities, which created a base for all basic infrastructure amenities and emergency activities. This Program Management Unit is established as a platform for various diversified activities, where all other programs in the ministry are limited in their scope or mandate. Usually to fulfill the needs of communities, who regularly place requests to the Minister and the Ministry for various basic amenities, which no other program in Afghanistan had mettheir needs, this unit was established to find funds for those requests and implement them in short term period.  The Regional Programs also created a platform for the rural community based small scale irrigation infrastructure rehabilitation & development and to increase the accessibility to irrigation water resources.

Director’s Information:

Hashmatullah Ghafoori, is a Master Degree Holder, in Business Administration and Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Rural Development. He has been working with MRRD since June 2005 on various positions, as Senior National Advisor, Advisor to the Minister and Head of Strategic Pillar, Program Coordinator and now he is serving as Director for the Regional Programs.


Hashmatullah Ghafoori
Director, Regional Programs 
Regional Programs Coordination Office