National Solidarity Programme

The National Solidarity Programme (NSP) was created by the Government of Afghanistan to develop the ability of Afghan communities to identify, plan, manage and monitor their own development projects. Through the promotion of good local governance, NSP works to empower rural communities to make decisions affecting their own lives and livelihoods.

The programme is the primary vehicle used to promote rural development in Afghanistan.  Empowered rural communities collectively contribute to increased human security. NSP lays the foundation for a sustainable form of inclusive local governance, rural reconstruction, and poverty alleviation.

The key objective of NSP is to build, strengthen and maintain Community Development Councils (CDCs) as effective institutions for local governance and social-economic development. NSP paves the ground for growth of local-governance and enables the local villagers to strengthen the local government, until to have good lives and livelihoods.

NSP supports local governance and poverty alleviation by:  

  • Establishing a national network of Community Development Councils(CDCs) that  empower communities to make decisions;

  • Funding priority subprojects that improve access to infrastructure, markets, and services;

  • Strengthening community capacities through participatory processes and training; and

  • Promoting accountability and wise use of public and private resources.

The flexible and responsive design of NSP has allowed it to be a main conduit of central government, poverty reduction and reconstruction policies, permitting local people to actively participate in local administration through the formation of  CDCs. NSP builds capacity at the community level to enhance the competence of CDC male and female members in terms of financial management, procurement, technical skills, transparency, literacy, and livelihoods training.

Through CDCs, the people of Afghanistan are building on shared vision and values, and on democratically-decided priorities to create a healthy and sustainable nation.

For more information please visit here: www.nspafghanistan.org