Afghanistan Rural Enterprise Development Program (AREDP)

Rahmatullah Quraishi
Executive Director


Presidential Initiative for Enterprise Development in Afghanistan

 “The state shall formulate and implement effective programs for development of industries, growth of production, raising living standards, and support to craftsmanship.”
(The Constitution of Afghanistan, Chapter 1, Article XIII)

Afghanistan Rural Enterprise Development Program (AREDP) is one of the 6 national programs of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD). It is the ministry’s lead employment creation and income generation initiative that aims to build on top of previous successful initiatives in promoting local governance and building rural infrastructure.

AREDP Program Development Objective (PDO):  increased income and sustainable employment opportunities for men and women through supporting rural enterprises.

AREDP progress to date:

  • In fall of 2007 the President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan tasked the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) to design and implement a national program that follows in the footsteps of previous achievements and is aimed at reducing unemployment, poverty, and reliance on opium.
  • In Fall of 2007the AREDP Identification Mission started by the World Bank and
  • Throughout 2008 AREDP preparation process was jointly undertaken by MRRD/AREDP and World Bank.
  • The World Bank made available to MRRD/AREDP USD 1.76 million funds for AREDPs Project Preparation Facility (PPF).
  •  In April 2009, the final preparation mission for AREDP by the World Bank was convened.
  • In Early July 2009, AREDP starts its pilot phase in Jabal Seraj district of Parwan Province aiming to cover 20 communities in the district.
  • AREDP Appraisal by the World Bank is scheduled for the 13th August 2009
  • The World Bank date for the approval of AREDP is 13th August 2009
  • AREDP is planning to start its operation in nine provinces of Parwan, Ningarhar, Bamyan, Balkh, Hirat, Kandahar, Daikundi, Urozgan and Hilmand, by the beginning of 2010.


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Rahmatullah Quraishi

AREDP, Executive Director


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Abdul Wafi Nayebzai

AREDP, Senior Communication Specialist


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