The Project for Strengthening Community-led Rural Development Support System in Afghanistan (AIRDSCLD) aims at strengthening MRRD’s systems for promoting community-led rural development. To achieve this, the project highlights human resource development of MRRD staff, mainly AIRD and CLDD staff. During the 4-year period of the project, MRRD staff will develop their own capacities and practical skills on community-led rural development with the assistance of the Japanese experts dispatched by JICA.

The project brief descriptions including the project framework, the project period, and the other important information are shown as below.


Project Framework

Overall Goal

Quantity and quality of community-led development facilitated by MRRD are improved.

Project Purpose

MRRD’s system for supporting community-led development is strengthened.


1. Strategy and operational guideline for community-led development are drafted and introduced.

2. AIRD is equipped to lead capacity building of MRRD staff and community stakeholders.

3. MRRD staff, mainly CLDD staff, and community stakeholders acquire competencies and practical skills to manage community-led development.

Implementing Agency


Project Period

March 2011 to February 2015

Target Area

Whole of Afghanistan (Main activities in MRRD Central)

Pilot Project Area

Kabul, Bamyan and Balkh Provinces

Produced Documents

  • Strategy for Community-Led Development
  • Operational Guideline for Community-Led Rural Development
  • Human Resource Development Plan for Community-Led Rural Development
  • Training packages/ modules and training materials for community-led rural development