Information Dissemination

Information Dissemination Unit

The purpose of this unit is to establish networks with national and international research institutions and disseminate research finding to national and international institutes/universities.


    1. Establish network with regional and international universities
    2. Improve AIRD library & website
    3. Establish Rural Technology Te Bank
    4. Provide information services  to RD stakeholders 

A modest library has been set up as part of this unit. MoUs have been signed with Ottawa University (Canada), Grandfield University (UK), Ball State University (USA), National Institute of Rural Development-NIRD (India) for collaborative academic activities.


  • Strong Regional Network and Linkage is established with more than 10 universities and academies
  • AIRD website launched  (
  • AIRD library established in MRRD
  • Publicity and Launch  (5) Working papers (WP)
  • Publicity and Launch (2) Policy paper (PP)
  • Publicity and Launch Occasional paper series (OC)