Research & Policy Unit

Due to  lack of resources and capacity for conducting studies and research in the country, most decision on projects are taken in the absence of comprehensive analysis, data and documented information and an evaluation of various social, economic and environmental dimensions and effects. In addition, the rural development and poverty alleviation programmes are implemented by several ministries of government, NGOs, civil society, and private sector. But, it is difficult to understand holistically the achievements and issues of this comprehensive mechanism for knowledge generation, policy coordination and political support at national level. The AIRD is mandated to promote research and learning culture within MRRD. Keeping this in mind, a Policy and Research unit has been up as part of AIRD. This is the largest unit in AIRD which has been strengthened recently with 41 people (12 from civil service and 29 on contract). The Vulnerability Assessment Unit (VAU) is also part of the research unit.


  1. To promote research and learning culture within MRRD
  2. To plan and execute comprehensive studies and research based on the priorities of the Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD) Sector Strategy of Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS)
  3. To bring out the Afghanistan Rural Development Report at regular intervals
  4. To carry out Impact Assessment reports on programmes


  • 108 MRRD members have been trained on Research  Methodology through national and international training courses
  • National Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (NRVA) survey report 2007/08  released on 8th December, 2009
  • NRVA 2008 (third phase) survey and data  analysis completed  and report preparation is in progress
  • Completed Listening Project in three provinces
  • Baseline and mid-term survey for NSP (500 villages in 10 districts of six provinces) and for NRAP (569 villages, 131 districts and 22 provinces) completed
  • Prepared three research reports for CIRDAP
  • Survey on Community Development Support sponsored by JICA
  • Implemented 18 researches in different subject such as
    • Prospects of Scaling up Participatory Approaches In Rural Afghanistan
    • Gender Mainstreaming in MRRD Programs A Preliminary Review Of The NSP
    • A Review of Afghanistan's rural population
    • A review of rural housing problems and solution in Afghanistan
    •  Study report on rural rehabilitation movement in South Korea
    • Needs for change in the mind of rural development Politicians
    • Globalization & its effect on rural development planning in Afghanistan,
    •  A study report of rural development experience of Iran country for Afghanistan
    •  Importance of Small and Medium enterprises and their role in rural development
    • Urban - Rural Linkage and Poverty
    • Women entrepreneurs and their role in development of rural economy
    • A study of agriculture & rural development in Asia & Pacific
    •  Listening project
    • CIRDAP country report NSP Baseline  data
    • NERAP Baseline data
    • National Rural Vulnerability Analysis ,
    • Situation Analysis of Local Governance Institutions
    • Literature Review on Agriculture & Rural development Potentials in 8 economic region of country

Research on livelihoods and landmines is ongoing, along with work on a National Rural Development Report and other research initiatives with CIRDAP. In year 2010 this section is planning to conduct two researches on two issues to be decided in close consultation with Center for Integrated Rural Development for Asia & Pacific (CIRDAP).

What does Policy and Research unit offer?

  • Base line studies
  • Evaluation studies
  • Impact Assessment
  • Situation Analysis
  • Special (custom designed)studies

Research Surveys and Reports:

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