AbdulMukhtar Ghafarzoy Biography

AbdulMukhtar Ghafarzoy

Executive Director of Afghanistan Institute of

Rural Development (AIRD) and Head of Reform Process

(Change Management)

Abdulmukhtar Ghafarzoy son of Abdulgafar was born in Kabul province, in 1986.  He graduated from AbdulHadi Dawi High School in Kabul city, in January 2004, and graduated from Kardan University with a Bachelor in Business Administration in January 2010.  He remained at the American University of Cyprus to complete his Master of Business Management in February 2012 and on-going research based Doctorate in Governance at IPA Dublin University.

Mukhtar Ghafarzoy has worked in different key positions for many years.

In January 2006 he manned the Deloitte (formally called Bearing Point, Inc.) as Senior Consultant Afghanistan Public Financial Management & Performance Assessment.

In January 2009 he joined BBC Persian TV, Kabul. During his tenure he served as Director of Operation.

In July 2012, He has been appointed as Policy Advisor to Minister at Ministry of Rural, Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) and developed numerous Policies both on national and sectoral levels, Strategies and Plans for the Ministry.

Mukhtar Ghafarzoy has been working in his current position as Executive Director of Afghanistan Institute of Rural Development and Leads the team working on Implementing the Reform and Change Management agenda for the whole Ministry particularly on MRRD Directorates and civil staff. Restructuring the directorates, institutionalizing the systems and building the capacity of the civil staff under Change Management Plan.


He has published numerous researches and academic articles. His researches and articles include:

Globalization and the effects of the Unemployment on the Economy of Afghanistan, Non-Farm Rural Economy of Afghanistan, Potential of Community Based Mass Media in Afghanistan.

Mukhtar has formulated and developed several policies at state level. His formulated policies include:

Rural Development Economic policy for Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, National Economic Policy of Afghanistan, Public Policy towards development and sustainability, Gender Policy and Gender Implementation Plan for Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD/2012) (Teamwork).


He has received a number of merit certificates and awards.

In 2010, He was presented the leadership and Loyalty, Managerial Excellence Award, by Eastern TV News for BBC Persian TV, Kabul.

In 2009, He was selected as UN- Peace Ambassador for Afghanistan, United Nations Assistance Mission (UNAMA) in Afghanistan.