Brief biography of Mr. Mohammad Daud Naiemi, head of information and Public Awareness Deportment

Mohammad Daud Naemi son of Ali Mirza “Naemi” has burn in (1968) in panjshir province.

Because his father was one the officers of king’s army, so he spent his childhood in paktia ,Ghazni and Kabul , where his father had missions.

He has completed his primary and secondary education in Wazir Akber Khan School and completed his 12th class in Nadria high school.

After graduating from the school, he began cultural and political activities in Kabul. In 1986 entered the Faculty of Veterinary at Kabul University. But soon migrated to Pakistan because of political and security conditions.

During the migration, he didn’t leave education, he attended in several training programs, and led by the commander of the National hero, Ahmad Shah Massoud. He successfully completed the journalism and Radio –television training course. In (1988) he arrived in panjshir , and from there he went to Takhar province and  by the Order of the National Hero he began working with cultural committee in the jihad film to produce documentaries and reporting for Council Weekly Newsletter .

With the victory of the Mujahideen and the establishment of the Islamic State of Afghanistan in 1992, he was responsible for managing of political and social programs of state owned Radio and Television.

In 1995 he entered the Faculty of Language and Literature at Kabul University. But with the occupation of the capital by the Taliban in 1996 again he joined the ranks of National Resistance then he served as general manager of Basharat RTV in Information and Culture deportment of Parwan province.

In 1999 he worked as deputy director of Arina News Agency and film production, and in 2002 he was working ashead of Afghan Film and served for a year in that position and at the end of the year he became the chief of the Day Magazine.

Muhammad Daud Naemi obtained a Bachelor in Language and Literature from Kabul University in 2006.then he was appointed as chief of Kabul Bank Magazine, while maintaining the responsibilities, he had cooperation with various governmental and non- governmental newspapers and Magazines. From 2009 to 2012 he worked as the General Directorate of the Bakhtar   RTV network. In 2012 he was appointed as director of communication and public Relations through a competitive process in Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development

He has learned the capacity building training programs, senior management, mass media, graphics and design in workshops that were held in the country and United Arabic. And he attended as Cultural Board member of Afghanistan in Bonn Conference of Germany.  And also had many other official trips out site the country.