Short Biography of Mr. Shafiqullah Naziri Shahrani

Mr. Shafiqullah Naziri Shahrani son of Abdul Baqa Nazir Shahrani was born in August 1st 1984 in Shahran Village of Khash District, Badakshan Province, Afghanistan.

Mr. Shafiqullah Shahrani was raised in an educated, modern, famous and religious family of Afghanistan and was able to attend school during the Soviets invasion of country and started his school in Peshawar Pakistan like many other Afghan refugees.

He started his primary school in Sayed Jamaluddin Afghan High School and then graduated from Imam Mohammad Ghazali High School in 2001, Peshawar, Pakistan. In the year 2001-2002 he was able to have a Diploma in Economy & Administration at Erica Niggeler College of Economy and Administration in Peshawar, Pakistan as well. Continuing his interest for further studies, he joined University of Pune 2006 in India to complete his bachelor’s degree in Economics in 2009. His passion for further studies made him able to take his Master of Business Administration in Marketing (MBA) degree from Mahatma Gandhi University from New Delhi, India in 2014.

Starting the Tranisional government of Afghanistan back in 2002, Mr. Shahrani was able to work in the below important titels and entities:

Jun 2002                      Administrative/ Human Resources Assistant, Constitution Commission of

Mar 2004                     Afghanistan Secretariat and Grand Assembly of 2004, Kabul, Afghanistan


Apr 2004-                    Human Resources Officer, UNAMA/UNDP/VREP Presidential Elections

Feb 2005               (Voters Registration & Presidential Elections Project), Joint Electoral Management Body Secretariat, Kabul HQ, Kabul, Afghanistan              


Feb 2005-

Sep 2005                      Human Resources Officer, UNOPS JEMB (Joint Electoral

                                  Management Body) Parliamentary Elections, Kabul Headquarters,

         Kabul, Afghanistan

Sep 2005-

Sep 2006                     Procurement Liaison Officer, ARDS (Afghanistan Reconstruction

         & Development Services - PU) TAFSU. Funded by World Bank.

         Ministry of Economy, Kabul, Afghanistan

Apr 2009-

Aug 2010                       Administrative & Capacity Development Advisor (ARDS)

Ministry of Energy and Water, Kabul, Afghanistan

Sep 2010-

Sep 2011                     Coordinator for Ministry Support Unit (MSU) (World Bank & MoF

Funded Project) Ministry of Energy and Water, Kabul, Afghanistan 

Dec 2011-

Oct 2013                        Programs Expert

                                    Ministry of Public Works, Kabul Afghanistan

Jan 2014-

Jun 2014                        Executive Assistant & Advisor to Minister

                                    Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, Kabul Afghanistan

Jul 2014-

Aug 2015                       Chief of Staff

                                    Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, Kabul Afghanistan

Sep 2015-

Dec 2015                     Programs & Project Support Advisor to Minister

         Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation & Development, Kabul Afghanistan

Jan 2016-

Till Now                       Acting Chief of Staff

        Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation & Development, Kabul Afghanistan

During Constitutional Loya Jirga (The Grand Assembly 2004) rendering outstanding and excellent services; Mr. Shahrani was praised and awarded with the Appreciation Certificate from H.E. Hamid Karzai, President of Islamic Transitional Government of Afghanistan in 2004.

Mr. Shahrani Also received Medal of Service, in Constitutional Grand Assembly in 2004 and Certificate of Appreication from the Director of the Secretariat of Constitution Commission of Afghanistan. In 2005 he was awarded appreciation certificates from Dr. Farooq Wardak the Director of JEMB (Presidential Elections) Secretariat & Mr. Reginald Austin the Chief Technical Advisor of JEMB (Presidential Elections) and was also awarded appreciation certificate from the Chairman & the Chief Electoral Officer of JEMBS Joint Electoral Management Body Secretariat (Parliamentary Elections).  

Mr. Shahrani has traveled to the following countries:

Climax Mines Ore, Colorado & Washington DC, United States of America 2014. Santiago Copper Mine, Chile, South America 2015. He has also travled to Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Republic of India & People’s Republic of China

Mr. Shahrani is able to read, write and speak fluently the following languages:

Uzbeki, Dari, Pashto, English, Urdu. He also can understand Turkish and Arabic languages.