Two water supply projects handed over in Ghor province


With total cost of more than 5 million AFG funded by UNSF, two water supply networks projects  with 4   - cubic meter water reservoirs  ,  have been handed over , in Lahl and Sar e Jangal district of Ghor province through the National Rural Water Supply , Sanitation and Irrigation Program (Ru- WatSIP) of the ministry of rural rehabilitation and development.(MRRD).

The 17 percent from the cost of this project which was completed in one year was paid by the people and with its accomplishment, around 273 families located in those villages, got access to clean drinking water.

 It is worth mentioning that , a few days ago , at the cost of 12 million AFG ,  the construction work of 6 other projects also have been started in Khaja Ghar  Salla , Sangbar of Feroz kuh , Laghman Abad , Sheedan holia of Dolina district ,Darwaz , Chakanb and Narmta of Dawlatyar district , through the National Rural Water Supply , Sanitation and Irrigation  (RU_ WATSIP ) program of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development .