MRRD Minister meets governor of Paktia


H.E Mujib Raham Karimi the Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development met today in his office with Shamim Khan Katawazai the governor of Paktia province

In this meeting Mr. Katawazai explained regarding the ongoing projects of MRRD in paktia province and the people needs of this province to   H.E the Minister of MRRD.

While assuring for more attention to Paktia province, the minister of MRRD emphasized on the importance of local resident’s cooperation in the correct implementation of the projects in the mentioned province.

It is worth mentioning that recently ministry of rural rehabilitation and development has signed the contract for four Cariz in Paktia province. The Citizen’s Charter Program has also covered the 380 villages of this province in its first stage and at a cost of AFN s 7 million, many projects in irrigation, water supply; transportation and protective walls sector will be implemented during 1397 in the paktia province.