Meeting with the Head of World Bank for Afghanistan

H.E Pohanmal Mujib ul Rahman Karimi the Acting Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development met today in his office with Mr. Shabab “ Chawdari “  the Head of World Bank for Afghanistan.
The Acting Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development expressed his gratitude to the World Bank's endorsement of the country's funding and development projects, and also asked them to continue their cooperation for MRRD Projects.
Mr. Karimi called the World Bank as the best partner in implementing projects and serving the people.
Then, Head of the World Bank for Afghanistan, Shabab Cheudry, congratulated the appointment of Mr. Karimi as Acting Minister of MRRD and discused more about the collaboration and implementation of development projects.
At the End Mr Chawdari promised that they will continue their cooperation to implement more development projects in rural area.