Launching of a water supply network in Takhar; 500 families in Takhar will be saved from unclean drinking water

A dozen villages in Takhar have no clean drinking water, residents of these areas; have been suffering from many diseases because of unclean drinking water.
The ministry of Rural Rehabilitations and Development recently start construction of a water supply network in the village of Sara-E- Sang, the Capital of Takhar province which provides drinking water for eight villages and 500 families. at a ceremony, the work of this project was opened by local authorities, the  residents of Sara-E- Sang  village of Takhar capital Taluqan, told that they should bring drinking water to their houses in a very far distance but again they couldn't find clean drinking water and they have to bring  muddy and unclean water for drinking that infects them with various diseases.  Sebghatullah Nazari, head of Rural Rehabilitation and Development in Takhar province, said: "this project included drilling of a well to a depth of 95 meters, construction of a 25-cubic meter water reservoir and installation of solar pumps. The work of this network is due to be completed by next three months, with the total cost of $ 28,000, which is funded by Saudi Arabia government. With the completion of the project, 500 families in eight villages of Sara-E-Sang area will have access to clean drinking water and It provides dozens of working days for residents.
Local residents that  still suffering from lack of clean drinking water and they are suffering a lot of problems  to bring water from a far distance now with the launch of this network, they hope to have clean drinking  water in the near future
And they say that with access to clean drinking water, diseases that are previously they faced because of drinking unclean water in these villages will be eliminated.
 Imam Mohammad, head of the Development Council of Kunjak Village in Sara-E- Sang, said: "Construction of such projects plays an important role in improving the living conditions of the people and it provides a good living environment for the people."He says"  in order to get safe drinking water, residents of these areas walking to distant areas and again we couldn't find clean water and always we suffer from various diseases due to drinking unclean water"  so far the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development implemented small and large water supply projects in Takhar province.