Jobs creation project in carpet sector is inaugurated

Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development is going to implement its new projects to create 5000 jobs for those Afghan refugees who returned from neighbor countries.

HE.Engineer Nasir Ahmad Durani, Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development says that lack of jobs opportunities and economic activities for returned refuges is one of the main problems in our government. He says, ministry of rural rehabilitation and development for reducing the rate of unemployment will implement a new project to create 5000 direct jobs for returned refugees in 8 provinces.   

 “We will spend 335 million Afghani for developing carpet industry in order to create new jobs for 5000 returned refugees in our country.” told HE. Nasir Ahamad Durani, Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development.

Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development told that the entrepreneurship project for returned refugees in carpet sector is given to this ministry because of our good background and this project will be implemented by Afghanistan Rural Enterprise Development Program (AREDP). The project plan has been written by this ministry at the beginning of this year and will be implemented to these 8 provinces (Parwan,Baghlan, Balkh, Laghman, Nangarhar, Kandahar and Herat).

HE.Nasir Ahmad Durani with a review to the bright history of Carpet production in Afghanistan told: “Carpet Industry has lots of capacity to create more jobs and we are working on this field”.

He, behind point out that Afghanistan Carpets are cutting and processing in neighbor and some other countries and also added: “I hope this project help us to solve our problems in this field and after this we would be able to cut and process our carpet inside of our country and export our carpet by the name of our country. This will cause that the score of our carpet will not be used by the name of other countries. 

By implementing this project, behind creating direct jobs for 5000 returned refuges, it will also cause to create 15000 indirect jobs for these people.

However, the Carpet industry entrepreneurs from 8 provinces where the project will be implemented were gathered to this ministry and are supporting this project. They say, supporting the carpet industry by this ministry will bring lots of positive changes in the field of carpet weaving.

Islamuddin, One of Carpet industry entrepreneur from Kandahar province said: “Carpet weaving in Kandahar has long history. By the help of Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, the worker at carpet industry will be increased triple more than now.”

One Carpet industry entrepreneur from Baghlan Province also said: “Some of returned refugees from neighbors’ countries have more capacity for entrepreneurship at this field and they have the capacity for developing Carpet industry.”

The implementation of this project will take one year and some basic service will take place in this field like developing Carpet industry in center and provinces, Creating carpet processing in 5 zones, Training and capacity building of returned refugees in carpet sectors, Creating a best trading communication between Carpet manufacturers and Carper sellers, Distributing the needed tools for entrepreneurs in Carpet sectors, Introducing Afghan Carpets in National and international market by conducting exhibition inside and outside of the country.

Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development has worked a lot to create jobs opportunity for rural residents by implementing many more projects. But this is the first program at this year to support and creating job opportunities for returned refugees in our country.