Appreciation letters awarded to the three directors and 34 employees of Finance Ministry

 H.E Nasir Ahmad Durrani the Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development appreciated heads and 34 employees of treasury, funds and payments departments of the finance ministry.

At the ceremony which was held on this occasion in the conference hall of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, the Minister of MRRD, while praising the work associated with the provision of facilities by the mentioned departments in  consuming of (88) percent of development budget of MRRD for the benefit of millions of rural in 34 provinces, said  that uncountable cooperation of the Ministry of Finance , enabled us to consume 88 percent of our development budge in implementation of utility projects in the rural areas. And by this we obtain the consent of the people and the leadership of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Based on these unprecedented achievements, we were appreciated by the nation representatives in the Wolesi Jirga.

As the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development was able to do great development service and achieving the goals of poverty reduction and job creation, this ministry achieved the appreciation medal from the National Union of Afghan staff.

Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development donated appreciation letters to the heads of the Treasury, Budget and disbursements departments and wished them more their successes. And the appreciation letters of the 34 employees were given to them by the ministry leadership board members.

At the end of the ceremony Mohammad Haqa Head of Treasury department of Finance Ministry, on behalf of others thanked from the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development and said that the Successes and achievements of this ministry is related to Ministry’s good management.