Awarded medal and signature of (13) Contracts

In today’s ceremony, out of 760 million AFN, 13 contracts for roads and water supply projects were signed between H.E, Engineer. Nasir Ahamad Durrani, the Minister of Rural rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) and some private companies.

According to the contract,   more than 37 km of road will be asphalted and 234m of bridge will be constructed through the National Rural Access Program in Balkh, Takhar, Kunduz and Logar provinces. By asphalting of Hairatan roads up to Guldar district of Balkh province and Khushe’s road the district of Logar Province, and construction of the concrete bridges in the capital of Takhar province and Zarmat district of Paktia province which will be helpful to solve the transportation problems of the villagers and they will be able to connect easily to social service centers.Out of 13 signed projects, 9 projects will be implemented through the Water Supply, Sanitation and Irrigation program, at a cost of (13,047,341) AFN in Ghor , Parwan, Baghlan , Kunar ha and Noristan provinces . These projects includes 63 drinking water wells and three water supply network which by their implementation, 15435 rural families will gain access to save drinking water and 14016 working days will be created too.By the completion of road projects, thousands of villagers will be benefited and 178576 working days will be created for Unemployed residents. Addressing these projects at the ceremony, H.E Eng. Nasir Ahamd Durrani the Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, shared about the achievements made on the year 1395 and the appreciation certificate which was awarded by parliament to him, effort made by all MRRD staffs.

Towards the end of the ceremony, Mr. Mahroof “Qadiry” general director of the National Union of Afghan staff, talked about the rules of the ministry in development of rural and villagers and with honor he praised about the development and employment projects of Rural Rehabilitation and Development Ministry, and awarded a Labor Medal to Nasir Ahmad, "Durrani", the Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development in order to create employment opportunities for unemployed people in all over the country. At last, Mr Nasir Ahmad Durrani thanked all on behalf of the leadership board of that organization: saying: “we are ready to expand the constructive activities through the national development programs to reach the needs of our villages and villagers more than ever.”