Guard - Sar-e-Pol


Activation Date: 13 Jun, 2017   Announced Date: 13 Jun, 2017   Expire Date: 27 Jun, 2017


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Job Location:

Sar-e Pol





Employment Type:

Full Time


As per NTA Salary Scale

Vacancy Number:


No. Of Jobs:




Years of Experience:


Contract Duration:

Till end of Dec-2017 with possible extension




Baccalaureate degree

Close date:

27 Jun, 2017



The Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) within the Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD) Sector Strategy, contributes to the reduction of poverty through the establishment of good local governance, access to rural infrastructure, economic regeneration and the provision of a nationwide disaster and emergency preparedness system. This strategy, however, directly contributes to the achievement of Afghanistan’s Millennium Development Goals. 

In view of this, the government formulated the National Emergency Employment Program (NEEP), a flagship program for creating short-term employment through restoration of the dilapidated rural infrastructure. After paving the way to other employment generation initiatives to emerge, NEEP evolved in the National Rural Access Program (NRAP) from 2005 up to now, with a strong focus on provision of year-round access to basic social services for the rural population. Those projects were supported by the World Bank and other donors starting from relatively simple emergency funding with a primary objective to create employment in rural areas, and to work up to more extent to be involved in building institutional capacity in the two ministries responsible for the sector, the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development for tertiary roads and the Ministry of Public Works for secondary roads. Meanwhile, the program has created a good market for road construction companies working with the program nationwide.

The National Rural Access Program (NRAP) aims at promoting equitable economic growth by providing year-round access to basic services and facilities in the rural Afghanistan. In long term, the program will promote local productive capacity through a private led development of physical rural infrastructure and employment generation for the rural poor. This objective will be achieved by nation-wide quality rehabilitation, construction and maintenance of essential rural access infrastructure using appropriate labor-based approaches by contracting with the private sector and to a lesser extent with the communities thereby creating short-term employment opportunities and which will be engaged through the Community Development Councils (CDC).

The most recent of these projects, the Afghanistan Rural Access Project (ARAP), has been launched under the government’s NRAP program which will provide access to rural roads, beside employment generation to rural poor and construction market to private sector that are active in said industry in the country. ARAP is also going to be implemented by both Ministry of Public Works for Secondary Roads and Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation & Development for Tertiary roads. ARAP is also funded by the World Bank, IADA and ARTF and it was supposed to be completed by 2018 as scheduled, but due to its importance in rural transport sector, it has been extended with additional fund up to 2020. Besides the world bank funded projects, and alongside with ARAP, the program has been implementing projects on a discretionary basis, funded by government of Afghanistan under development budget, through Ministry of Finance, so called MoF projects, and other bilateral donors funded projects such as URAP, and Japan funded projects in the country.

These projects will provide year round access, economic growth, employment and short term skills through road improvement and maintenance programs. The program has a capacity building component which will target project staff and local contractors’ technical staff as well and its institutional strengthening component focuses on system developments to meet the sector needs.

Job Description:

Duties and Responsibilities

Remember that you are responsible for safety of your colleagues in this house and office. You must always be alert and act in a professional way.

Ensure that you do not let in a stranger without permission from a supervisor.
Always ID Check visitors and the purpose of their visit.
Do not let in suspicious packages without permission from a supervisor.
Escort expatriates if necessary or if there are two or more guards in the compound.
Do not leave your post without having been properly relieved by your replacement or given permission by your supervisor.
Always brief your replacement about events on your shift.
Fill out your guard report.
Ensure that you check gutters, cracks and out of view places when you patrol the inside and outside of the perimeter.
Do not always patrol at the same time.
Ensure that where to find your supervisor at night so you can inform them of anything abnormal.
Ensure all rubbish is cleared away from the front of yours and the neighbor(s) compound.
Ensure that no vehicles are parked in front of the office. If you cannot identify the driver, find him. If you cannot find him alert your supervisor.
If you find an explosive device or suspect object do not touch it, move at least 100 meters away behind solid cover and alert security forces.
Delivery trucks may not enter the compound without authorization from regional head.
The door and gate must be locked at all times. Never leave the door open and unattended.
Patrol the perimeter of the house and yard at least once during a one-hour period at varying intervals.
Be aware of what is happening outside. Whenever you open the door for someone, take a moment to see if anyone is observing the house.
One guard must be awake at all times.
Sleep during working hours is highly prohibited and will cause for your immediate termination of your employment
The mobile phone is for emergency use only. Do not take it out of office, or use it for personal purposes.
At emergencies always call for help either use the mobile phone, shout and seek help from neighboring houses, alert people inside the house and notify your supervisor to call the police and office guards.
Turn On and turn Off of generator on a proper schedule prepared by the office.

Refueling the generator and recording the fuel consumption on the generator log book. 

Job Requirements:

Experience, Qualifications, Skills & Abilities Required:

Baccalaureate degree form School / educational institute.
Good communication and interpersonal skills.
Ability of English communication will be an asset.
Ability to work long hours when required;


Reporting to:

The security guard will report to regional Admin/ Finance Officer.


The candidate must display high standards of ethical conduct


Submission Guideline:

Interested Afghans with the required qualifications and experience should submit their applications electronically through
While submitting your applications please mention the Title of the position plus Vacancy Number in the subject of the e-mail; please do NOT submit any other supporting documentation or educational certificates with your application. If you are short listed you will be asked to submit electronic copies of your educational certificates and if you are invited to written test you will be required to present the original certificates. Applications will not be accepted after the closing date of the position. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for written test Note: In the interests of open and fair competition and a merit based selection process applicants are advised that lobbying for a position , whether by the applicant or by any person acting on his or her behalf, shall result in the immediate disqualification of the candidate from further consideration. Applicants are strongly advised to inform potential supporters of this restriction which shall be strictly enforced.

Please don’t forget to type the Vacancy Announcement Number (494/017/HRCSD/NRAP/MRRD) in Subject while applying online. Application without vacancy number will not be accepted.


The Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is highly committed to increase women’s participation in government sector therefore women are highly encouraged to apply.


Submission Email: