Business Development Services Provider (BDSP)/SME Operation Officer

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Business Development

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Full Time


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Years of Experience:

3 years

Contract Duration:

5 Months (with possibility of extension)




Bachelor’s degree in business administration, economics, commerce, or social sciences.

Close date:

01 Feb, 2017


The Mission of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) is to ensure the social, economic, and political welfare of rural society, especially poor and vulnerable people, through the provision of basic services, strengthening local governance, and promoting sustainable livelihoods. MRRD accomplishes this mission through donor funded national programs in the areas of governance, infrastructure and economic growth.
The Afghanistan Rural Enterprise Development Programme (AREDP) is aimed at harnessing the potential of the private sector for inclusive economic growth and sustainable job creation in rural Afghanistan over a 5 year time period. The program aims at building on the social capital gained under the National Solidarity Program (NSP) and transforming it into economic capital.

Job Description:

Rural entrepreneurs are largely unorganized and not able to access required technical and financial services, and market linkages. The regular collective group based savings-credit services and enterprises based linkages to draw and access technical, financial and marketing services will assist rural entrepreneurs in rebuilding their rural enterprises, income generating activities leading towards enhancing rural livelihoods and creating self-employed opportunities after years of civil war and drought.
AREDP works to improve employment opportunities to enhance income of rural men and women and sustainability of targeted local enterprises in rural areas of Afghanistan through its two main components.
1.      Community Enterprise Development (CED) - developing community led rural enterprises through organizing rural men/women around Savings Groups, Enterprises Groups and mobilizing savings groups to organize themselves in villages level organizations  as VSLA (Village Savings and Loan Association).
2.      SME development – assists individual SMEs, build their capacity, help to access technical, financial and market services to develop their businesses.  AREDP embarked up on developing rural enterprises through a community enterprise development program in 6 provinces of Afghanistan namely Nangarhar, Parwan, Bamyan, Balkh, Herat and Kandahar. AREDP promotes savings groups as an initial entry in rural areas to organize rural men and women. Savings groups provide opportunities to its members to learn and practice savings, access credit, and invest in their enterprises. These SGs are subsequently federated in to Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs)) to access finance in larger volumes. Access to finance enables rural entrepreneurs to invest in their rural enterprises. AREDP organizes rural entrepreneurs who are members of different savings groups but are engaged in similar enterprises and/or in similar value chain. These entrepreneurs organize themselves in to Enterprises Groups. These rural entrepreneurs are largely engaged in production, processing and marketing of rural  enterprises viz. dairy products, dry fruits, vegetable, flower, cheese making, cookies, carpet, tailoring, honey bee, poultry, saffron, arts & crafts, embroidery, handicrafts, livestock, precious stones, gemstones, medicinal and aromatic plants, leather and related products (hides and skins), and so on.
An Enterprise Group in the AREDP context is a group of 5-15 rural entrepreneurs who join together and form a group to further develop their income generating activities (IGA)/rural micro enterprises (RMEs) for creating self-employment opportunities leading to their sustainable livelihoods. These groups are recognized and called Enterprise Groups. The members of various savings groups organize themselves in to enterprise groups (EG) based on their similar needs of enterprises and or value chain. EGs are expected to act as pressure groups and facilitate linkages to draw and access collective services in regard to raw material supply, technical, financial and market services to its members to build their rural enterprises/income generating activities.
AREDP expects the Community Enterprise Development Officer (CEDO) to be a dynamic and committed person to contribute substantially for rural enterprise development led by Enterprise groups within CED component of AREDP.
The nature of the employment is not time-based employment with regular fixed salary. The nature employment is like consultant and deliverable-based with variable fee procedure. This means that upon the completion of monthly deliverables, BDSP will submit the verified report and invoice for the disbursement of their fee.
The BDSP will work under the direct supervision of the EU Unit management and responsible to provide capacity building support service to AREDP beneficiaries, supervise the provincial BDSPs and regular monitoring of their activities, develop regular and occasional  reports, concept note, plans,  success stories, etc.

The overall roles and responsibilities of BDSP are as follows:
·         Act as a desk officer for the SME component in two of the provinces where AREDP is operating;
·         Mentor and supervise the Business Development Officers in the assigned provinces;
·         On a daily basis, liaise with the BDOs to receive updates and reports from the provincial BDOs and to share/coordinate them with the SME component;
·         Communicate any constraint that the SME component might face to the respective provincial office assigned to;
·         Follow up on any concern or constraint that has been raised in the respective province;
·         Coordinate the delivery of up-to-date technical services provided by consultants to ensure best project implementation practices with the SME component;
·         Support SME and M&E components in planning and ensuring regular and accurate monitoring and evaluation of the program;
·         Work to ensure that the program incorporates M&E results and lessons learnt from field operations to improve and to develop program implementation strategies, methodologies, and results;
·         Work with BDOs and SME Development Officers to establish possible backward and forward linkages for the targeted SMEs in the respective province;
·         Produce bimonthly reports for the SME component on the respective provinces  for which the operations officer will be assigned to;
·         In conjunction with the Training and Access to Finance components address the concerns and constraints raised regarding access to finance and training requests;
·         If necessary, provide technical inputs on the SME development to the SME component, particularly, to the BDS consultant;
·         Arrange, facilitate, or conduct exposure visits for the targeted entrepreneurs domestically and internationally;
·         Undertake frequent travels to the assigned provinces;
·         Coordinate the administrative issues of the provincial BDO with the program support section;
·         Undertake any other assignment which falls under SME development component, as per guidance and direction of the SME development component manager
1.     Develop monthly and mission workplan on regular bases with the consultation of Unit Manager and share with the Sr. Management for approval.
2.     Devote and apply yourself to visit SMEs and will spend minimum 2 hours with them for counseling and on job training on the following during your mission visit:
o    Assist/verify maintaining of books of records,
o    Assist/verify business Administration,
o    Assist/verify adaptation of business management best practices, 
o    Assist/verify product development (Branding, Packaging, labelling),
o    Assist/verify marketing and promotion (Pricing, Promotion, Distribution etc.),
o    Provide Useful tips on their business development,
o    Implement any instructions provided by ED Unit Manager,
Assess the maturity level of the SMEs and collect all relevant and required information from SMEs required by PMO and available them for MIS database.
Develop workplan every month with the consultation of Unit Manager and share and reschedule the work plan (if needed) with Provincial Managers. Should provide activity log, develop and submit duly signed report to the Unit Manager as per the AREDP Standards. When needed, an SME can be visited more than once upon the approval of ED unit.

1.     During Provincial mission conduct monitoring visit to observe and monitor trainers/BDSPs performance during the delivery of training to SMEs in Provinces.

Develop format with the consultation of Unit Manager for monitoring/assessment of trainers/BDSPs performance.
Provide narrative report of the performance to the Unit Manager and also share the observation with the trainer/BDSP.

2.     Collect data from the Provincial BDSPs as per the format provided by ED Unit. Review, rectify and manage all received data and provided by unit manager.

3.     Conduct, facilitate, and or support Provincial BDSPs and SMEs to participate in National and or International exhibition.  Provide all facilitation and support to SMEs as well as to ED Unit at PMO for the participation in Exhibition.

Where required the BDSP will be instructed to participate in the events and provide facilitation and support during the event.

4.     Conduct, facilitate, and or support Provincial BDSPs and SMEs to participate in National and or International training & exposure visits, and or exhibition.  Provide all facilitation and support to SMEs as well as to ED Unit at PMO for the participation in training & exposure visit.
Where required the BDSP will be instructed to participate in the events and provide facilitation and support during the event.

5.     Conduct verification of certification and documentation process of SMEs with relevant Institutions completed by the Provincial BDSPs.

6.     Develop, assist and facilitate SMEs to establish forward and backward linkages with the different Institutions (for example FACT for membership and other facilitation from the Institutions), business entities (other Medium and Large businesses) and relevant Enterprise Groups at Kabul Level.

7.     Participate in the capacity development activities, orient and introduce the objectives and advantages of the memberships with such institutions, Motivate, Mobilize and Attract  and facilitate SMEs in the fulfilling requirement of Institutions. Provide full information and monetization of these linkages and update all information in MIS database. Maintain all files of the SMEs regarding this assignment.

NOTE: Before developing linkages with any institution, prior approval of ED Unit manager is required. 

The deliverable to this activity/assignment will be the matured if the SMEs will received the membership and started business relationship. For example in-case of FACT if the SME availed the membership and skills development certificate it means the link is matured. Upon the successful completion of the deliverable and verification by PMO or and PO the payment will be reimbursed.

8.     Conduct and manage impact assessment of SMEs and develop the assessment report. Where required participate in various meetings, verbal and non-verbal communication both internal and external, to represent the SME Development unit.

9.     Develop, assist and facilitate SMEs to with the GoIRA Authorities to register their businesses and receive business certificated or license.

10.   Develop, assist and facilitate SMEs and BDSPs to establish urban linkages with the different Institutions, business entities in Urban Areas or Industrial Areas at Kabul level to develop relationship for input supplies or to fulfill the demand. This activity should started the business transaction in the urban new markets/enterprises.

11.   Select 3 SMEs business and develop linkages between SMEs and Kabul market to start supply of the products and barraging for good prices. Develop Value Chain Framework for the activities, to place products in different markets/shops to increase revenue on regular bases for SMEs/entrepreneurs.

12.   If Innovation Awards are awarded, BDSP is required to facilitate the arrangements of ceremony, invitations, handing over process, facilitate ED Unit at PMO and also PO for the successful completion of the assignment.

Arrange meeting with SMEs and committee members, Orient them and facilitate the process of innovation award. Collect all information and develop all relevant forms or and format and collect items specification, shortlisting, reviewing of document regarding innovation award for SMEs. Submit all filled forms/documents and information to ED Unit for their approval. Revise all if there is any change mentioned by the ED Unit and also provide necessary information required. Maintain all files of the SMEs regarding this assignment.

13.   Develop monthly and mission report and share with Unit Manager and Sr. Management.


·         The unit of deliverables may be varied based on the actual activity performed by BDSP.

·         The unit of deliverables may be varied based on the actual activity performed by BDSP. Will support and facilitate the ED Unit, ED Unit Manager and Senior Management in daily routine matters.

Means of verifications: 
·         Written letter/evaluation sheet duly signed by the SGs, EGs, and VSLAs Rais or and member and Entrepreneurs. It should be clearly about the activity, date and duration of the activity;
·         MIS database verification;
·         M & E reports;
·         Approval from Unit Manager;
·         Workplan of the assignment;
·         Agenda of the assignment ;
·         Verification from Provincial Manager and M&E Officers;
·         Short report with suggestion/recommendations of each designated assignment;
·         Participants list of each assignment;
·         Pictures of each assignment;
·         Evaluation of each assignment;
Monitoring and Evaluation:
AREDP ED Unit and Monitoring & Evaluation Unit will be responsible for monitoring and evaluation. The unit in collaboration with other units will develop standard monitoring & evaluation tools and techniques including procedures (process monitoring, progress monitoring and evaluation) and implement. AREDP ED Unit and Monitoring & Evaluation Unit will develop the report and will also share the outcomes of the report with BDSP.

Job Requirements:

A high school certificate with a diploma in business administration and 3 years of relevant work experience. A bachelor's degree in business administration, economics, commerce, or social sciences with two years of relevant work experience or a master's degree in a similar field with at least one year of relevant professional work experience. The ideal candidate should have a demonstrated interest in rural development and should possess a sound understanding of development organizations’ general procedures
·         Management skills: planning, organizing, prioritizing, time management, conflict management and a proven ability to manage staff and to contribute to their skills and capacity development
·         Communication skills: good communication skills, with fluency in Dari and English are required. The candidate should be able to draft reports and the write e-mails and letters in English. Pashto would be a further asset.
·         Computer/Technology skills: The applicant should be computer literate and should be well acquainted with MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point and MS Outlook. The applicant should also be able to browse and surf the internet and to use instant messaging

Submission Guideline:

Interested Afghans with the required qualifications and experience should submit their applications electronically through
While submitting your applications please mention the Title of the position plus Vacancy Number in the subject of the e-mail; please do NOT submit any other supporting documentation or educational certificates with your application. If you are short listed you will be asked to submit electronic copies of your educational certificates and if you are invited to written test you will be required to present the original certificates. Applications will not be accepted after the closing date of the position. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for written test Note: In the interests of open and fair competition and a merit based selection process applicants are advised that lobbying for a position , whether by the applicant or by any person acting on his or her behalf, shall result in the immediate disqualification of the candidate from further consideration. Applicants are strongly advised to inform potential supporters of this restriction which shall be strictly enforced.

Please don’t forget to type the Vacancy Announcement Number (296/017/HRCSD/AREDP/MRRD) in Subject while applying online. Application without vacancy number will not be accepted.

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